Gorgeous Masquerade Mask for Women Venetian Pretty Party Evening Prom Mask (Butterfly Silver&Blue)


  • Pro-environment and safe: Eco-friendly hard plastic material with US standard
  • Feature: Comfortable, Lightweight, Universal-fitting design
  • Perfect for Halloween/Christmas carnivals, masquerade, mardi gras, parties balls and prom, costume cosplay party, fashion shows, weddings
  • Our Masquerade Mask is carefully hand-made with the finest quality and eco-friendly materials.
  • Package: 1 X Masquerade Mask for Women with Metal Deco and black Soft Silk Ribbon ties, Color: Blue & Silver Glitter Deco, Special Art on Metal Deco, 
  • Details: Perfect for masquerades, balls, costume parties, carnivals, Mardi Gras and more. Going to an event with a date? You will find the perfect women's masquerade mask for you and your date here! Look good and stand out at your event. This Masquerade Mask for Women features detailed embellishment that can't be described by words, the pictures don't do the mask justice. The beautiful Masquerade Mask For Women is classic Venetian women's masquerade mask. The women's mask is subtle yet if you look closely it is also crafted with exceptional details. When not being worn, this masquerade mask for women can be used as a beautiful decoration piece for any room. So make the memories at your masquerade event last a lifetime with our masquerade mask for women. Masquerade in style with this elegant Masquerade Mask!  It looks amazing in pictures. 
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