Fabulous Mens White Angel Costume Feather Wings - Perfect for Pride & Burning Man


  • Angel of Love, with matching halo, Classic Archangel Style feather wings, Bleached White
  • Approx. Wingspan (open flat, left to right): 31 inches (79 cm)
  • Approx. Wing height (open flat, top to bottom): 32 inches (81 cm)
  • Natural duck/goose feather & marabou, hand made
  • Elastic shoulder straps fit teens and adults, Unisex. Easy Wear: Open wings to flat position with straps facing you, and then bend the wings away from you to achieve desired angled position.

Details: A sturdy piece of cardboard is used as a base to define wing shape with hundreds pieces of feathers and marabou glued to fully cover on both sides. Two elastic straps are attached for easy wear on the shoulders. An iron wire is embedded in the wings so they can be bent to different angles. Angel halos (boas/rings) are made of super soft full-fluff or half-fluff marabou. The halo ring has an elastic band to fit different head sizes, can also be used as feather necklace and bracelet.

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