Samantha Peach Halloween Masks - it's all about the Devils and Vampires baby..

January 20, 2020



October 04, 2013

We know, we know. Halloween seems so far away. October’s only just begun! But if you want to really make and impression and look fabulous (and who doesn’t really?) then get planning! Let’s face it. Nobody likes to be rushed and throwing something mediocre together at the last minute. So why not get your beautiful Samantha Peach masquerade masks ordered in good time and build your look around it?

Like what you see in the image above? That’s our Zombie Venetian mask. It’s unisex (male and female zombies welcomed here, we’re all about equal opportunities!) and comes complete with bruised temple and dripping blood. Lovely! It fastens with red ribbons and will add a little class to your zombie look.

Zombie Venetian masquerade mask, 

If your desired Halloween look is a little less…undead, then why not try our Diavolo mask and be a little devilish? The mask comes in burgundy or black (depending on what colour of fiend you feel like) and is really striking!

Burgundy Diavolo masquerade mask

If you prefer your devil a little more ‘traditional’ then try our red devil mask. This is another unisex mask, hand crafted from leather for a comfy fit which means you can stay comfortably wicked all night. It’s also available in black.

Red leather devil masquerade mask

And finally, if vampires are more your thing, then why not steal a look from the hit show ‘The Vampire Diaries’? This mask was worn by Katherine on the show and is a beautiful accessory to a glamorous Halloween ball outfit.

Katherine – The Vampire Diaries
Katherine Metal Filigree mask

Whatever look you choose this Halloween, with a Samantha Peach mask, you’re sure to make an impression! Check out past blog posts for further tips on make-up, painted on masks or how to throw a great masquerade party of your own!

Have a fantastic Halloween. If you wear a mask, post a photo to our Facebook page!

Happy Halloween!

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