Graffiti Artist Miss Van Ahead Of Trend and Back Home In Barcelona

June 13, 2018

Graffiti Artist Miss Van Ahead Of Trend and Back Home In Barcelona

As the newest member of the Samantha Peach community I am so excited to share a little something of me and it links perfectly with a collection we've been working on, just in time for the summer vibe Folk and Festival.

I don't recall when the passion for street art started so it's easier to say I LOVE IT, in particular graffiti. In the early days I first fell in love with graffiti artist Miss Van in Berlin. Fancy finding a voluptuous and mysterious lady on a dirty over painted (tagged) wall on route for beer and bratwurst. Those signature details, sweetheart limps, curvy lines and always ALWAYS beautifully adorned sensual characters. I am totally hooked with her colourful ladies, so playful and almost suspicious and iconic in a street art. Painted with such elegance and subtle flirtation, those tilted heads exposing necks making them slightly vulnerable, but with such confidence in their costumes and appearance. 
That bunny mask stayed with me and a couple of years later in her hometown Barcelona - another encounter, the height of that owl hat giving a feel of an 18th century wig, with the dress and gloves to match. This artist knows how to dress a lady and we love her here at Samantha Peach.
Over the years these well turned out ladies have dressed in masquerade masksanimal head masks and marvellous hats and millinery. Her style and brand is something we 100% appreciate.
Miss Van is internationally acclaimed and has exhibited in galleries all over the place, this year alone she's done San Francisco, Paris, New York, Santiago and more.
Naturally the women behind the paint Vanessa Alice is super cool and edgy herself. Originally from Toulouse, France and having spent most of her artistic life in Barcelona, Spain. 
As I've followed her, I learnt most of what she's done has been self-portraits. In fact her earlier work when she began graffing in her 20's, instead of the typical graffiti 'name tag' she painted doll like portraits to mark her patch - brilliant.
Fast forward to today and her current collection couldn't be more apt. She's clearly been influenced by her travels we've seen compositions from Asia, Europe and now America. Her new Native American Indian vibe with feathers, pompoms and exquisite textures, patterns and colours is right up our street. 
Her bohemian attire is so the look for this season even our very own super model Kate Moss is bringing the boho back.
Get ready for the festival season or take the streets by storm with a look that never tires. 
For a few days only you can catch Miss Van at Fusion Gallery Barcelona as part of the Scope Basel 2018 International Contemporary Art Show. We love that she's still got time for her home city with her international status.

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