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July 12, 2013

Hello all. My name’s Emma and I’ve been working for Samantha Peach for the last couple of weeks revamping the blog, putting together Pinterest boards and sourcing masquerade ideas to share with you all.

I’m 24 and live in Derby, just a city away from the Samantha Peach studio. I’ve just finished a Web Journalism MA at the University of Sheffield and have just started the process of buying my first house with my boyfriend (a little info about me!).

I bought a mask from Samantha Peach in 2009 to wear to a summer ball at Pembroke College in Cambridge. It was the first big event I went to with my boyfriend and we went with a big group of friends. It was such a beautiful thing to wear and so comfy to wear that I kept it on all night.

That’s me on the right in my mask before the ball

After I finished my MA in May I’ve been looking for a way to use my writing, web and social media skills for a company I’ll enjoy working for. So when I spotted the advert on Samantha Peach’s Facebook page for an intern I was really excited to apply. Luckily Samantha liked my application and I’ve been able to spend the last couple of weeks looking at beautiful image after beautiful image on Pinterest and exercising my writing muscles on the blog.

Pinterest is a great way to pull together images for inspiration. The past couple of weeks I’ve been helping Sam fill existing boards and create new ones to showcase the beautiful Samantha Peach masks and pull together inspiration from other fabulous images. Click the image below to see the board and see what else we have pinned. Add the images to your own boards for future inspiration!

Examples of the beautiful images on the Black Masquerade Mask board on Pinterest

I’ve also put together some of the images I’ve been finding into YouTube videos. The one below uses some of the images from the board above and Samantha Peach designs. Check it out.


I’ve been working remotely and communicating with Sam via e-mail. So I set up a little work station on my sofa and have been comfy whilst blogging. Samantha and I met in Nottingham yesterday after almost two weeks of working together but having never met. She’s given me a beautiful mask as a thank you for the past couple of weeks and I’m now just figuring out when I can wear it (I’m thinking maybe a masquerade housewarming…)
I’ve loved my time with Samantha Peach and hope you all enjoy the little bits I’ve added to the site and Pinterest the last couple of weeks!

Emma x


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